About Us

"D&S"  derives from "Democracy and Science" in English transliteration.  Named after "D&S" , it declared the founders' pursuit of democracy, advocation of science, exploration into the truth, and the dedication to belief in the rule of law .


Accompanied with the process of China to the rule of law, D&S has attracted a large scale of outstanding lawyers, having both ability and political integrity.  Dedication to "strict, careful, diligent, responsible, honest and trustworthy, quality and efficient" style of practice,  D&S lawyers won the client's reputation, forging the D&S legal service brand.


D&S has now developed into a  larger and higher level of legal service organization - D&S Law Institutions, which include Guangdong D&S Law Firm (Guanghou) , Guangdong D&S Law Firm (Zhuhai), Hunan D&S Law Firm (Changsha),Hubei Zhuohuaigen D&S Law Firm (Wuhan), Beijing Renren D&S  Law Firm,D&S Law Firm (Hong Kong), D&S International Economic Law Institute.